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The Spread of Christianity

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Essay title: The Spread of Christianity

The Spread of Christianity

By: Ryan Ku

The Apostle Paul had four missionary journeys. These journeys are responsible for the spread of Christianity and created many churches throughout countries of the Mediterranean.

On his first journey, Barnabas, Saul, and Mark, church leaders, accompanied Paul travel to the island of Cyprus and parts of Asia Minor. Paul would preach the gospel and start many churches. His journey started in the city of Seleucia and concluded in Antioch of Syria. The first missionary journey was around the year of 46-48 AD.

After separating with Barnabas from a disagreement they had, Paul chose Silas, a Christianity follower, to accompany him on his second missionary journey. They traveled north to Asia Minor. Their goal for this journey was not to start churches, but to encourage the existing churches to have strong faith in Christ. The young Timothy, another Christianity follower, joined Paul and Silas in Lystra. The Apostles journeyed to Macedonia, and in the city of Philippi, Paul and Silas were imprisoned.

On Paul's third missionary journey,

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