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Warriors Dont Cry Essay

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Essay title: Warriors Dont Cry Essay


"1920 Chicago Cubs Roster." Baseball Almanac.

2/1/2007 .

Ryan Neher

Mrs. Crawford + Mrs. Battaglia

American Society, 1 + 2

September 24, 2006

Being an American

I learned two new interesting things about my family history while doing this project. One thing I learned about my family’s history is that my grandpa fought in World War II. He was in the Air Force. He was actually in France for a little while during the war. After he served his 4 years he went back to the Air Force and taught rookie pilots what to do in an air warfare situation. The other new thing I learned about my family history is that my step-grandma’s daughter, Katie, was a really good high school softball player. Her team won state once and the following year they placed 2nd in nationals. She played 1st base. She would’ve played in college but she tore her rotator cuff so she couldn’t play anymore. That is what interesting things I learned about my family history while doing this project.

There are three key things that I think all Americans have in common. First, all Americans are from some foreign land. The only people that lived here before were the Native Americans. Now there are people from every part of the earth living in America. My ancestors were from France, Germany, and probably some other European countries. Another thing is that I think all Americans have to work hard to get the things they want except for the small few who get money inherited or are born into a rich family. Lastly, all Americans have their rights.

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